Our Team

Development by Kenny Hinkes

Architecture by James C. Lewis

Construction by HB Construction, Jason Harrington, President, Adam Harrington COO

Land Planning by Consensus Planning, Jim Strozier, President

Financing by Southwest Capital Bank, Greg Levenson President

Thirty TWO year veteran builder/developer Kenny Hinkes believes that Albuquerque's precious remaining infill sites deserve the very best designs possible. Creating high quality livable properties that enhance people's lives and the neighborhoods they live in is Mr. Hinkes's commitment to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is a remarkable town. Steeped in tradition and diversely cultural, Albuquerque is a cutting-edge high tech welterweight, ready to take center stage in the 21st century. Our focus is discovering the precious few infill opportunities in Albuquerque’s hottest neighborhoods and transforming these under-utilized locations into important community assets.  How do we do it? First, imagination, collaboration and teamwork. Next, great planning, the best talent and lots of hard work. Our love of the this town, our belief in its bright future and the enormous pleasure we all enjoy in helping our clients attain their goals. 

Kenny's other communities include

110 Richmond Condominium

The Mears House Condominium

Juan Tabo Executive Offices Condominium

The Glenwood Lofts Townhomes

Sequoia Square Shopping Center



Adam & Jason Harrington and Kenny Hinkes